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Tender loving care for you and your loved ones.

caregiver assisting elder woman on bed at homeWhen a person stays in one position for too long without changing positions, the skin can break down and it can become a wound called a bed sore. This occurrence is particularly common among chronically ill or bed-ridden patients who have difficulties moving around and changing bed positions on their own.

At Home Caregivers Management, Inc., our caregivers will make sure to adjust your loved one’s bed positioning to help them avoid bed sores. They will:

  • Change the patient’s bed position at least every two hours.
  • When the patient is lying on their back, our caregivers will make sure to keep their heels up off the bed by placing a pillow under their legs. The pillow must not be placed under the knees when the patient is on their back because this could reduce blood flow to their lower leg.

Rest assured, our caregivers will carefully monitor the patient keeping them safe from painful bed sores. Give us a call today at or 805-204-1222 for more information!