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Basic Guidelines for Providing Personal Care


We spend our days doing activities of daily living. On top of the list of ADLs is observing personal hygiene. Doing so is essential for proper grooming. Needless to say, looking good makes people feel good about themselves. On top of this, personal hygiene also enables people to protect themselves from the threats of germs and viruses. This is why personal care is so important for all people.

While most people have no trouble observing proper hygiene on their own, the rest struggle with it a little more. This is evident among patients and seniors who are dependent on home care service in Ventura, California. In most cases, it’s the result of limited mobility. Unfortunately, leaving them to do things on their own is hazardous to their safety. It’s important to acknowledge the fact that their frail conditions leave them at greater risk for accidents.

For their safety, it is vital for patients and seniors to get assistance from other people as much as possible. Through this, they can avoid accidents and their consequences. Aside from relying on caregivers in California, families are also people whom patients and seniors can depend on. They can keep themselves guided by these protocols:

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