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Challenges that Seniors Face When Eating

Challenges that Seniors Face When Eating

It is natural for the body to go through various changes, especially when your loved ones are already in their senior years. Physical changes often lead them to seek the help of other people in completing their daily tasks.

Due to these changes, many older adults opt for home care service in Ventura, California. With these services, they can stay at home while also receiving enough level of assistance.

Apart from being physically unable to complete their tasks, eating problems may also arise from these changes. These problems include:

  • Chewing and swallowing difficulties

    They may be losing their teeth already. Medical conditions such as stroke may make chewing and swallowing difficult for your loved ones.

    To combat these difficulties, you or your loved ones’ home care provider in California can cut up food into small bits. Pureeing will also work. Make sure to cook meat thoroughly to make them tender.

  • Dry mouth

    Seniors produce less saliva. This results in a dry mouth, which can affect their eating habits.

    As a solution, encourage your aging loved ones to drink adequate water. Serving them with moist foods, sauces, and dips can also help.

  • Reduced sense of taste

    The taste buds deteriorate over time. Your senior family members may not eat because they cannot taste anything.

    To solve this, make sure that they are observing proper oral hygiene. Use spices and herbs to flavor foods. Remind the caregivers about this if they are the ones preparing meals.

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