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How to Make Your Home Safer for Seniors with Low Vision

How to Make Your Home Safer for Seniors with Low Vision

While vision loss later in life is common among seniors, it can be particularly difficult for them to adapt. They may need assistance from caregivers when doing activities of daily living.

At Home Caregivers Management, Inc., we have experienced caregivers who can assist seniors with low vision. If your elderly loved one needs help at home, use the following tips to help them adjust to the challenges and ensure they stay safe at home:

  • Improve lighting and reduce glare

    Ensure that appropriate lighting is provided at home but be mindful of glare. Consider adding more lamps in places where extra light is needed.

  • Prevent falls at home

    Take steps to minimize the risk of tripping and falling, especially at night. For this step, you may need to reposition some furniture, install grab bars, and remove tripping hazards like throw rugs and electric cords. If you need help in fall-proofing your senior’s home, you can always hire a home care provider in California.

Use assistive devicesthere are tons of assistive devices designed to help seniors with vision impairment. This includes magnifiers, penlights, and navigation tools.

Are you looking for a provider of reliable home care service in Ventura, California for your senior with low vision? If so, you’re in the right place. Contact us now for more details.

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