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Medication Management Tips for Seniors


Proper medication management is crucial for seniors, especially those taking multiple medications every day. Medication mismanagement in older adults increases their risk of health problems. Fortunately, there are simple ways you can help them get organized and practice better medication management. Read on to learn how.

  • Review medication with their doctor.

Organize all your loved ones’ medications, from appropriate dosages to how frequent they should take them. They may be taking over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, and herbal supplements, so make sure to have a comprehensive list of all of them. If seniors are receiving home care, make sure their caregivers are well-informed about all the medications they take.

  • Know the potential side effects.

Is your senior loved one taking a new drug? Ask the doctor about the potential side effects, and check in your loved ones from time to time. Ask them how they feel since starting the new medication and tell them to inform you when they notice something different. Some possible side effects include changes in weight, sleep patterns, hunger, or balance. If your loved ones are experiencing this, inform the physician right away.

  • Monitor medication adherence.

Seniors tend to be forgetful about taking their medications on time. A home care provider in California provides medication management to assist them! Caregivers can create a calendar to monitor and implement medication reminders. Seniors who have conditions like Alzheimer’s can benefit from the support and assistance when taking their medications as prescribed by the doctor.

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