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Healthy and Refreshing Drinks for Seniors

Healthy and Refreshing Drinks for Seniors

Hot afternoons or exercise sessions make the body crave for something else – a refreshing drink. Truly, a good glass of water or juice can quench one’s thirst. However, there is more to your drink than its taste or presentation. Drinks can be healthy and refreshing – and your senior loved ones can enjoy them!

At Home Caregivers Management, Inc. we aim to provide the best home care service in Ventura, California. Drinks are basic. However, these drinking moments can turn into something fun and engaging for those staying at home like our elders.

Seniors and their families can prepare the drinks together. This can be a bonding experience for them. They can also choose to sit and relax on their favorite chairs as they sip the creation.

A traditional lemonade can be spiced up by adding their favorite fruits such as watermelon. Honey syrup can be a healthier substitute than sugar. Smoothies are a great concoction that can double up as a snack. Blend in chopped leafy greens together with peeled oranges, kiwis, and cored pear. This green smoothie sure looks as healthy as it is. Tea remains a classic drink that can be enjoyed hot or cold. For the more adventurous seniors, they can opt for their variations.

Your home care provider in California can be your lifetime care provider.

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